Schedule is Shapin’ Up!

shadowjaymesJuly 13th 2013 — Saturday

All Day Queer Music Festival

3pm – 1am

3577 Bigelow Blvd. Polish. It’s hard to spot. Follow the ramp down to the left side of the building with the numbers on it. It’s right by the overpass at the Bloomfield bridge and Bigelow blvd.

Queer and Brown in Steeltown will be doing interviews for a podcast in a cozy intimate set up at different points in the event.

To view a handy charted version of the schedule – Click Here 

Somethings might change so check back!

3pm Angry Fag, CBend, Bergie

4pm Bekezela

Workshop – Switching 101 –Fun sex positive skill share

5pm Leslie Addis, Sleazbo, China White

Discussion on White Supremacy, Queers and Pittsburgh! Oh my! Hosted by WWHAT’S UP!? In this hour long discussion, we hope to create space to talk about how white supremacy/racism manifests in Pittsburgh’s queer scenes or to you as a Pittsburgh queer. Participants will generate topics they wish to discuss and depending on the size of the group, we may break up into smaller circles.

6pm Unstitched, Jasmine Hearn and Beth Ratas with a duet
Workshop – Basic Herbal Plant Identification with Michelle Soto

7pm Scott Andrews and Nina Sarnelle excerpt from ‘Group”, Boy Bush, Layne James and the Bang Gang

8pm Cristy C Road

9pm Cate Giordano

10pm UNECC, Silky

11pm Janet Granite, Chiney, Mohagony

12am Big Dipper


Tables by: Carnegie Library Zine Department,  Women in Prison Defense Committee, Planned Parenthood, WWHAT’S UP!?, Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force – they will also be testing later in the day.

Want to Table? Facebook Rhinestone Steel or email lauren xrayspectacles(at)

Food Vendors – 3 – 7pm

Healcrest Farm – Local Herbal Handmade Ice Pops

Delicious vegan treats will be available made by Max. He’ll be selling seitan sliders, mac and cheese, and samosas. Til it runs out!

Red Star Kombucha

This festival received a Seed Award from the Sprout Fund! Thanks Sprout Fund!


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