2014 Performers- So Far! Updated July 1st

New to the stage: Schedule coming soon…

Lezerection(Chicago), Lilith D’ville, Gunner, Stephanie Dax, Vanessa German, Yva Las Vegas

Sofia Moreno

Sofia Moreno, Sofia Moreno was born and raised in Coahuila, Mexico. In 1994 she immigrated to the United States, where she currently lives and works. Prior to moving to Chicago Moreno lived in Dallas, Texas. Sofia Moreno is a multimedia artist and her subjects include expressions of the sacred and profane, the body, sexuality, religion and socio-political issues within contemporary culture. Moreno is currently working on the follow up to her three-year project P o r n A g a i n. “I’m interested in the essence of the body rather than the form itself. I paint a sexually and spiritually confused youth.” – Sofia Moreno.


Testify: A Black Womanhood Series: Poem 2 in Pittsburgh   Joy KMT and Bekezela Mguni make up the powerful duo that is Testify. They are performing on July 11th at Dance Alloy and will be show casing some poems at Rhinestone Steel. We welcome back Bekezela, who hasn’t missed a year on the Rhinestone stage and are so happy to have the brilliant Joy KMT this year!

the Rainbow in the Dark Bus

Rainbow in the Dark is a traveling queer variety show traipsing across the U.S this summer. The tour hopes to illuminate the power of queer identity and build national community by embarking on a fantastical journey showcasing and  documenting underground queer talent and vision. In this way our bus will become a living moving museum of our queerdo community. Performers for this part of the journey include:

SSTR aka Frannie Blew,Little Debbie aka Sergey Yashenko, A6/2GENERATOR aka Whit Forester, Gay Orphans aka Mona Wam, Slime Queen

Jasmine Hearn

Returning from previous years:  Pittsburgh’s favorite Dancer Choreographer Jasmine Hearn, MC’s from ColumbusUNECC and Kelo, the local Lady Sleazbo, Silky, Janet Granite

The Let’s Get Free Players present “Chin to the Sky, The Life sentence of Avis Lee” a creative story telling multi-media performance IN PROGRESS! A portion of the play will be presented and the audience is invited to reflect and advise. The intention of this performance is not only to lift up Avis’s case and fight to win her freedom but also to raise awareness about Life without Parole and women in prison.

shadow from Chin to the Sky. Designed by Alec Dunn

Tabling and Booths

Dreams of Hope

The sweet and loveliest Dalia Shevin will be doing an interactive love letter writing booth.

fancy romancers

Let’s Get Free – Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee

WWHAT’S UP?! will be hosting a presentation/discussion on queers and gentrification.


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