Rhinestone Steel Summer Festival

Get ready for Rhinestone Steel’s summer fest!

July 9th 7-2am

Roland’s Seafood Grill- 1904 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Headliner- The CooLots

The original Rock/Soul band hailing from the Washington, DC area. A melting pot of different styles and talents, The CooLots come together to create feelings never experienced before. These creations embody sincerity, musicality, rock, funk, and soul, with influences including: N.E.R.D, Me’Shell N’Degeocello, Sade, Staind, Erykah Badu, Kanye West and System of A Down. You can hear all these influences on their debut effort ‘The CooLots EP’ (2014) and in their newest single ‘Doors’ released February 5th, 2016.


And featuring- Tubafresh

Sing-song melodies and orchestral strings lying somewhere between RnB, Soul and Hip-Hop creates the organic sounds of tubafresh. Drawing from a wide-ranging array of influences, Chanell Crichlow creates an alt-pop auditory landscape with catchy melodies and haunting textures leaving room for live improvisation.

Flow State

Creating beautiful walls of sound and ambient textures, Ben Brody’s FL◊W STATE combines post-rock and modern minimalism to create a dynamic resonance with their listeners.

A short film by Nasser Samara

Nasser Samara is a Palestinian-Mexican-American-Baptized
Catholic-Queer-Muslim. As a director, he is passionate about telling comedic stories with characters that reflect juxtaposing
backgrounds. As a writer he hopes his stories create discussions beyond the comfort zones of the status quo.
We will be showing his first shirt film title “Temporary”

About Temporary:
Malik exists in many in-betweens. He’s half Arab and half Mexican, not really gay or straight, and has too many temporary
jobs to juggle alongside his failing acting career. To help tackle his deep rooted insecurities, Malik’s successful actress
roommate Marlow “politely asks him to leave.” Marlow’s naive request painfully forces Malik to deal with his unresolved anger
toward society and himself.
Following the screening there will be a 10minute Q and A with the writer and director.

Local performers so far include:

“thousandzz of beez”: is a perpetually evolving project that shifts and startles between memories and spills out into the ether through walls of sound. ”

Mario Farid: queer film video performance. narrative color rhythm realities. documentalista cineasta bruj@. IG: @marioashkar twitter: @MAF_FAG and fb.com/marioashkarfilm. marioashkar.com

BIG girls: lady bandits out to have a good time and ruffle some feathers. Singing songs of both truth and nonsense.

A prince tribute band: what more needs said?! Beautiful fun covers to honor the late and great. The magical visionary the human unicorn Prince.

Cabaret Sleaze- bringing you the sexy angry beautifully sweet songs of 90s goddess Tori Amos

The night will end with dancing to former Sappho and Hot Mass DJ Theodore Rexx. Live from Balitmore!!!!


Tabling locals include:
Cute queer arts by Jen Cooney

The Pittsburgh Health Brigade will be present with health care practitioner surveys. Share your experiences, both the joys and sorrows, and help your fellow Pittsburghers find the good care they deserve!

$5-10 (buy tickets at the door)

About Rhinestone Steel:

Founded in 2012, Rhinestone Steel strives to support and expand Pittsburgh’s queer music and arts scene. We organize an annual music festival as well as host events throughout the year- like homo aerobics and Queer Lecture Night.

In an environment where queer voices are seldom heard in mainstream music and arts spaces, Rhinestone Steel is more than just a music festival; it is a celebratory political action creating visibility and space for queer expression.

We work towards creating a more inclusive, queer, artistic space that people can participate, feel accepted and become motivated! Rhinestone Steel cares! Rhinestone Steel is what happens when you mix queers, music, art, politics, compassion, dance and inspiration!


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