The following links of for groups that have collaborated with Rhinestone Steel in the past:

Queer & Brown in Steeltown – A Pittsburgh podcast highlighting queer people of color. We make Q & B in Steeltown because we love queer people of color. In the face of everything telling us that we are not worth very much, we know that’s not true. We made this podcast to talk to our folks and let them shine. We want to create an archive of our stories and experiences because we are worth remembering. In addition to the podcast, we also maintain a blog and online store.

WWHAT’S UP!? Pittburgh – Whites Working and Hoping to Abolish Total Supremacy, Undermining Privilege (WWHAT’S UP?!) was formed in the fall of 2011, by a group of white-identified people studying anti-racism and participating in corresponding actions to challenge white supremacy.  Our goals are to educate ourselves and support other white people in challenging white supremacy and to actively create a world that is free of destructive white privilege and oppression. In addition to creating space for white people to confront racism we collaborate in multiracial organizing efforts to plan monthly salons on topics including: combating racism in social media, patriotism and homophobia, and conversations techniques on how to talk to your racist family members.

Sprout Fund -They funded the 2012 Rhinestone Steel Festival. Maybe they will fund you! Sprout provides critical financial support for projects and programs in the early stages of development—when just a small amount of investment has the potential to yield big results in the community. Sprout projects create new initiatives, events, and organizations that help citizens take action on a pressing issue or enhance the cultural vitality of the Pittsburgh region. They funded the


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